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IDAP Information Systems has a long history in the telephony industry that includes implementing one of the first touch-tone Bank By Phone systems in the world more than two decades ago.

IDAP Information Systems now focuses on several niche markets, providing Inbound and Outbound Voice Messaging services. These services enable our clients to improve communication with their stakeholders in a cost-effective and innovative manner. The ability to quickly send out recorded information such as Appointment Reminders, School Notifications, Political Messages, Church bereavement notices or weather-related schedule changes (Outbound Messaging), as well as providing fast access to information using spoken commands or touch-tone entry (Inbound Messaging) are indispensable in today's "always on the go" society.

The telephone is still the dominant communication tool to interact with current or potential clients, and IDAP Information Systems has harnessed that power in the services it provides.
With voice messaging systems becoming essential in today’s business and education markets, it is IDAP’s commitment to provide beneficial services, rapid customer support, along with simplicity and ease-of-use.  

• Elementary, Middle and High Schools
• Private Schools
• Membership and Volunteer Organizations
• Appointment Reminder Calls
• Churches and Synagogues
• Chiropractors, Dentists and other medical practitioners
• Elementary, Middle and High Schools
• K-12 School Districts
• Membership and Volunteer Organizations
• Private Industry
• City and Municipal Governments
• Chiropractors, Dentists, Healthcare practitioners
• Mental Health Associations
• Churches and Synagogues


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